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Archival Giclee & Photo Paper Types
Acrylic Prints & Face Mounting

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What type of paper will my art be printed on?

There are many types of papers. We tend to use papers specifically created for high resolution fine art printing, although we have frequently been asked to create reproductions on specific vintage materials for motion picture filming and artistic effects.


The substrates that we use for our reproductions are all of the highest archival quality being acid free and a balanced PH for the inks we use. The main types of substrates fall into either materials for art reproductions or photographic media. Most of our material is imported from Germany and is considered to be the world's finest media.


Art media includes: Glossy Canvas, Matte Canvas and Textured Watercolor Paper.


Photographic media includes: Glossy Photo Paper, Metallic Pearl Photo and Photo Rag (a cotton based ultra smooth version of watercolor paper).

Are the papers you use archival?

Can I send you documents created in MS Word or PowerPoint? 

How can I know what a particular CMYK color combination will look like? 

How can I take a picture of my artwork so that it is the best quality for you to print? 

How do you handle color matching? 

Do you provide ICC printing profiles so I can soft proof my image before I send it to you? 

How Do Megapixels, Resolution, Pixel Dimensions Relate to Print Size? 

What is the importance of calibrating my monitor? 

What is the difference between a TIF and a JPG? 

What is an ICC profile?