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ACRYLIC SURFACES- P99 Non Glare or Optically Clear Gloss


It has long been thought that non glare finish kills the image vibrancy and POP.  LUMACHROME is very contrasty and looks exceptional under P99 non glare Acrylic. Soft subtle tones and portraits all excell with this surface as the sublties have no competition with reflections to obscure them.

P99 also excells in areas with lots of windows and ambient glare when coupled with the LUMACHROME process.


Optically Clear Glossy Acrylic is the detail, contrast and 3D champion when used in gallery conditions or conditions where maximum POP is required. The Optically Clear gives you that "Walk Into The Frame" 3D look that must be seen to be appreciated.

Optically Clear Plexiglass and Non Glare