Acrylic Prints & Face Mounting

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The LUMACHROME print is an enhanced archival process that accounts for all variables relating to archival longevity and image quality.  We carefully select materials and processes for the best performance. Every detal from adhesives to backing options are considered:


• Our Silicone Acrylic adhesive used to adhere the image to the Acrylic is carefully selected for PH balance and exhibits UV filtering properties as well as extreme clarity.


• We use inert materials that do not outgas acid over time .  We use ABS or Komatex backing material as they are the best food grade inert materials available.


We have tested both UF-4 and UF-3 (OP3) Acrylic and have found that the  95% UV rejection  UF-4 is has VASTLY superior clarity compared to the 98% UF-3 (OP3)  which reduces more visible light and reccommend to all of our clients the UF-4 for it's superior, intense clarity. See  the product bulletin below for the visible light transmittance.