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Caring For Your Prints
Acrylic Prints & Face Mounting

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I had my print mounted to plexiglass. How I care for the plexiglass?

We use Acrylite plexiglass for our facemounted acrylic prints. While it may be the best material in the industry it is not immune to scratching. We reccommend you use either Brillianize or an eyeglass gleaner for resin lens' and a soft microfiber cloth.  NEVER use any ammonia or alcohol based cleaner or paper towels.  The recommended cleaners have a glossing agent in them that helps reduce dust and fingerprinting. Strong cleaners will statically charge the Acrylic and attract dust and need more cleanings.

What's the best way to protect my giclee?

The most important tip: It is recommended that your print be displayed in indirect lighting conditions and away from sunlight. Using archival materials for mats, backing and spacers, museum quality framing and UV protected glass/plexiglass will add to the life of the print.


Giclée Prints on Paper: The paper of the print itself needs to be handled carefully to prevent absorption of oils and/or marks from fingertips. Try to never touch the surface of the paper with bare hands. Be careful to avoid dents and creases, since these can be very difficult or impossible to remove later.


Giclée Prints on Canvas: When stretching canvas prints, do not steam the back of the canvas to remove wrinkles. This can cause your image to yellow and if not properly dried, can allow fungus to grow. When stretching, use rounded stretcher bars and reduce the amount of tension slightly, depending on the relative temperature and humidity.Clean your canvas print with a dry, lint free cloth or soft brush. Never use a wet or moist cloth to clean your giclée canvas pint.


Storage: Please store your final canvas or paper piece in an environment controlled for both humidity and temperature. Ideal environmental conditions are 70 degrees and 55% humidity. High humidity can cause yellowing. You should not store heavily embellished prints in plastic bags.